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Pure Healing Reflexology and Wellness

Promoting Healing From The Inside Out 

Meet Sydni Sons

Registered Certified Reflexologist

My name is Sydni Sons and I am a registered certified reflexologist. I currently serve at two locations. Cookeville and Sparta.I am excited to offer my services at multiple locations!


To book at the Cookeville location you can request appointments directly by text/call 931-269-9829. 

To book at the Sparta location you can request appointments directly by text/call 931-269-9829  or call the office at 931-510-5201. 

I graduated from Nashville Academy of Reflexology in 2016 and completed over 300 hours of clinical study. I graduated with honors from the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. I specialize in hand and foot reflexology, Cranio Flex (craniosacral reflexology), hot stone reflexology therapy, applied aromatherapy, Vita-Flex therapy, Simultaneous Bilateral Stimulation (SBS) Technique, and applied meridian and acupressure therapy. I am always finding ways to further my knowledge in Reflexology and other forms of holistic healing. I am currently enrolled in Master Herbalism School to be able to help my clients achieve a life of health. I have worked with clients suffering from various medical conditions and love working with each individual to determine their needs. I work to create a calm, relaxing, and professional environment for my clients.  It is my passion to make everyone more aware of the healing benefits of reflexology and to empower you to live a healthier lifestyle. 

My business name is Pure Healing Reflexology and Wellness. My slogan is "Promoting healing from the inside out". I have a love to help and serve others. It is not just a paycheck, it is my passion. In my opinion, health is wealth. What better gift could I offer than that? Every day I get to do something I love and in hopes to make an impact on someone's life. I am on this journey to grow and learn so I can be a helping hand for others. 

I am a native to Cookeville, but currently reside in Livingston with my husband D.J. three dogs Mae, Jenga, and Mia Jade and cat Ember. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, backpacking, kayaking, reading, drinking coffee, decorating, spending time with family, and volunteering at my local church. 

-Sydni Sons R.C.R.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Reflexology?

It can help with

Improving digestion
Increasing energy Levels
Reducing chronic pain
Stimulating better nerve function 
Promoting balance and normalization of the body naturally
Reducing stress and brings about relaxation
Improving circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells
Strengthening the immune system 
Increasing blood and lymph circulation
Speeding recovery from illness
Women's Health
Easier birthing / delivery / post-partum recovery 
Adjunct to mental health care
Men's Health
Beneficial for post-operative recovery and pain reduction
Complementing to cancer care
Positively impacting specific organs
Reducing mental stress
Promoting better sleep
Providing a feeling of well-being
Positively impacting on physiological measures


I had my first session with Sydni yesterday. I have studied up on reflexology before I came, so I kind if knew what was involved. She spent a considerable amount of time with me teaching me about the background, reasoning, and intricacies of this wonderful treatment. I absolutely felt at ease with her during the entire treatment. Afterwards, she explained everything that she had concerns for and throughly educated me on how to care for myself afterwards to gain the most benefit from the treatment. I will most definitely be returning very soon for another visit. Thank you so very much!

— Jeffrey



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Contact Info


Cookeville: 11 South Jefferson Ave, Suite D, Cookeville, TN. 38501

Sparta: 14 Liberty Square, Sparta, TN. 38583

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